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Ganton Opens New,State-of-the-Art Imaging Studio  
Brian Ganton Jr. Ganton Opens New,
Imaging Studio

For Immediate Release
January 2011

CEDAR GROVE, NJ: Brian J Ganton & Associates (Ganton) announces the opening of its new state-of-the-art photo and video studio and postproduction facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Ganton is a New York area Branding and Marketing Agency with nearly a 40-year history of serving a blue chip list of global marketers. The firm is widely recognized for its work with highly visual luxury-goods and specified products.

According to Brian Ganton Jr., Ganton’s President, the new facility is the ultimate successor to the firm’s widely acclaimed studio established in 1972 at New York City’s historic Beaux Arts building overlooking Bryant Park.

“Here, today, 18 miles from mid-town Manhattan,” said Ganton, “we have created an advanced and integrated facility staffed with outstanding talent and world-class digital imaging professionals.”

“Everything has been designed and engineered to support Ganton’s ultra-demanding imaging protocols. “Whether motion or still, real or synthesized, we routinely produce images, which are at once compelling and totally compliant with our clients’ branding imperatives and strategic marketing objectives.”.

Although the Ganton Studio earned an outstanding reputation for its large format film productions, “today it’s all digital,” said Ganton, Jr. He also points out that moving away from film was a complicated— and emotional step. “Digital photography started to gain acceptance more than ten years ago, but the quality wasn’t adequate for our ultra-demanding work until recently.”
“My father produced many outstanding photographs in our New York studio in the 1960s and 1970s. All were for demanding brands, publishers, national ads, bestselling books and familiar food packages. Those images were compellingly beautiful and creative with dramatic lighting and extraordinary production values. Almost all were shot on brilliant and dazzling 8 by 10 Ektachrome film transparencies.” 

Almost forty years later, Ganton still upholds those standards of perfection, but now images are captured digitally. That affords greater control, flexibility and speed.
“The time required for each step in the painstakingly precise process is dramatically compressed. We no longer need to develop film, which may have taken at least three and one-half hours. Best of all we can now compose and modify digital images in real time. The possibilities are truly limitless with our unique software and the world-class skills of our talented specialists.”
Few, if any, agencies offer anything like the wide-ranging capabilities of the Ganton Studio. And Ganton’s clients appreciate what a tremendous advantage it is to them. “When the people who conceive the vision are the same people producing the final product, there is an almost magical genesis that’s not possible any other way,” said Julian Stearns, Advertising Director, Construction Specialties. “It’s hard to explain, but it is truly magic.” Furthermore, Ganton designers’ creativity is liberated. They aren’t afraid of executing any idea, no matter how outrageous it may seem. After all, these are the guys, who among other incredible feats, turned a Hollywood actor into a petrified stone statue; built an Indonesian jungle and Caribbean beach inside their studio; and got Fidel Castro to ‘endorse’ a Honduran cigar.”

Ganton Jr. says, “It can be a mixed blessing. Sometimes I think my life would be much simpler if we left this stuff to others. But we just can’t give up the control we have and yes, the magic.”

“My father could not possibly have envisioned any of this when he established the firm nearly 40 years ago. But building on that unique capability; constantly investing and upgrading equipment and software, and developing the necessary talent have culminated in this exceptional facility within our portfolio; and that definitely gives us an unbeatable competitive advantage, especially for clients marketing highly visual products.” — Mark Ganton, Ganton VP Marketing.

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For more information, contact Mark Ganton at 973-857-5099 or via email.

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